Vision and mission


We want Belarus to be a free, prosperous country, engaged in a constructive dialogue with all its neighbouring countries, a country, where citizens have the right to freely elect their leader. As Belarusians abroad, we cannot remain silent about the injustice and violation of the fundamental human rights of our fellow citizens. We want to use our voices, expertise and networks to consolidate the position of the Belarusian society and to strengthen the links with European decision-makers who seek to show solidarity with the citizens of Belarus.


Our key objectives are twofold. First, we seek to coordinate the actions and positions of the Belarusians in Europe and to speak with one voice vis-á-vis European institutions and Belgium-based international and regional organisations. Second, we aim at providing relevant analyses of current European policy and debates to the Belarusian diaspora and act as a bridge between European policymakers and Belarusians in Europe.